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Frontier School Division
Employee Assistance Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teaching Staff

Manitoba Teachers' Society offers an Educator Assistance Program for all their members. The program provides confidential and voluntary professional counselling and referral services. It provides help and intervention at an early stage of difficulty and to enhance the health of members.

The following link provides more infor​mation regarding the Educator Assistance Program -

Support Staff

Frontier School Division provides confidential and voluntary assistance through its Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) to all support staff employees and their family members through Homewood Health EFAP. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable benefit.

Homewood's EFAP and crisis management programs offer multilingual and fully accessible (24/7) service.  Instant support is always available over the phone.  The EFAP program is available to employees' spouses/partners and dependents as well.  Call the toll free number (1-800-663-1142) and an emergency consultation can be arranged within hours. Please be assured that the program is completely confidential.

Homewood Health EFAP also offers the following:

Short-term Counselling
Short-term counselling focuses on a specific issue. Homewood offers this counselling via telephone, online and in person while providing approaches and content that address a full range of mental health issues including but not limited to family and relationship issues, trauma, depression, anger management, life transitions and personal issues.

Life Smart Coaching Services
This vehicle for lifestyle and specialty coaching, including expert support, has three main subject matter themes: Life Balance Solutions, Health Smart and Career Smart Coaching services.

Online Resources
Homewood offers an online library, interactive tools, assessments and e-courses that allow each user to learn at his/her own pace. With a library of 20 different e-courses, these digital resources address almost everything Homewood's more traditional programs do.

You can access a comprehensive set of tools and resources through Homewood's Homeweb website. Whether you need more information on a specific health topic or want to try a self-directed e-learning course, log in today and see what their member services area has to offer.


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Getting to Know Your Employee and Family Assistance Program