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Frontier School Division

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Americanizing Education is Pure Folly (J. Wiens April 8, 2021).pdf

An Open Letter to All Manitobans (May 5, 2021).pdf

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Legislative Update (May 2021 Bill-64).pdf

Barely Discussed School Board Abolition at Odds (WFP March 24, 2021).pdf

Big Changes Coming to Education System (WFP March 24, 2021).pdf

Bill 64 Abandons Racialized Communities (WFP May 5, 2021).pdf

Bill 64 is a Bad Idea at the Worst Time (The Herald, WFP - July 7, 2021).pdf

Bill 64 Opposition Not Just 'Vocal Minority' (WPF June 29, 2021).pdf

Bill 64 Re-evaluation Tied to Pallister Retirement (WFP June 18, 2021).pdf

Bill 64 Scrutinized at Town Hall (WFP - The Times Insert, June 23, 2021).pdf

Bill 64 Undermines Public Education (WFP April 7, 2021).pdf

Cautionary Tales from Nova Scotia's Education Review (WFP May 12, 2021).pdf

Centralized Education Model Raises Serious Questions (WFP May 27, 2021).pdf

Contentious Education Bill Still on Hold (WFP June 2, 2021).pdf

Critics Question How PCs Will Fund Education (WFP July 21, 2021).pdf

Cullen Sticks Up for Education Bill (WFP June 15, 2021).pdf

Decision on back-to-school on hold until August (WFP June 25, 2021).pdf

Division Looks to Rally RMs (The Headliner, WFP July 7, 2021).pdf

Don't Log off Yet. Remote Learning is Here to Stay (WFP March 23, 2021).pdf

Education Bill Sparks New School Closure Concerns (WFP April 8, 2021).pdf

Education Minister Seeks Advise of 30 Teens on School Issues (WFP July 8, 2021).pdf

Education Numbers Don't Add Up (WFP Aug 5, 2021).pdf

Education Property Tax Cut is Misguided Effort (WFP July 7, 2021).pdf

Education Reform Excludes Some Children (WFP April 6, 2021).pdf

For Principals Bill 64 a Matter of Principles - J Wiens (WFP July 8, 2021).pdf

Keep Partisan Politics out of the Classroom (WFP May 18, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor (WFP May 28, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor (WFP June 15, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor (WFP June 17, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor (WFP June 18, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor (WFP July 26, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor (WPF Aug 2, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor (WFP Aug 3, 2021).pdf

Manitoba Education Reform Bill Built on 'False Divisive Premises' - Former Administrators (WFP May 3, 2021).pdf

MKO Inc Requests Immediate Withdrawal of Bill 64 (Letter to Ministers Cullen and Clarke, June 7, 2021).pdf

Minister Takes Questions on Proposed Councils (WFP May 28, 2021).pdf

NDP accuses PCs of Partisan Picks for Education Board (WFP July 7, 2021).pdf

Nova Scotia's Education Reform Experience Holds Lessons for Manitoba (CBC News March 16, 2021).pdf

Open Letter to Minister Cullen (LSD March 19, 2021).pdf

Parent Collective Calls for Shredding of Bill (WFP April 6, 2021).pdf

Parents Question Abolishing Trustees at Virtual Meeting (WFP June 15, 2021).pdf

PCs Refuse to Listen to Manitobans on Bill 64 (WFP - The Times Insert, July 21, 2021).pdf

Proposed Education Reform Brings Uncertainty (WFP March 24, 2021).pdf

Province demands school division data ahead of overhaul (WFP June 25, 2021).pdf

Provincewide Education Bargaining will be a Challenge (WFP June 23, 2021).pdf

Provincial Ad Campain Defends Education Reform (WFP July 22, 2021).pdf

Reform Bill Offers Teachable Moment (WFP May 27, 2021).pdf

School Bill Assailed by Council (WFP July 23, 2021).pdf

School Community Councils - A Faustian Bargain (J.Wiens May 2021).pdf

School Divisions, Public Speaking Out Against Bill 64 (Herald, WFP, June 2, 2021).pdf

Schools Must Foster Dialogue on Topical Issues (WFP May 28, 2021).pdf

Sensitive Content in Class (CBC News March 19, 2021).pdf

St-James Assiniboia School Division Responds (WFP March 24, 2021).pdf

Superintendents Say Holding Back Students Rarely a Good Idea (WFP April 7, 2021).pdf

Teachers Seeing Red in Education Overhaul Fight (WFP June 12, 2021).pdf

Teachers Union Sharing False Information-Education Minister (WFP June 8, 2021).pdf

Teaching Math Effectively in Rural Manitoba Isn't Rocket Science or is it (mRLC Spring 2021).pdf

The Cost of Losing School Trustees (J. Wiens - WFP May 3, 2021.pdf

Tories Accused of Politicizing Education (WFP May 5, 2021).pdf

Virtual Treaty Education for Manitoba School Administrators - Gr 12 SIC (TRCM Letter March 17, 2021).pdf

What Will Bill 64 Do For Community (The Lance, WPF July 7, 2021).pdf

What Would You Do With 40M (MVSD May 6, 2021).pdf

You Deserve a Vote on Bill 54 (WFP - The Herald Insert June 23, 2021).pdf

Letters to the Editor - Council not representative (WFP July 10-2021).pdf

School-tax rebate is classic bait and switch (WFP July 13-2021).pdf

Rural voices object to education reforms (WFP July 15--2021).pdf

The vocal minority is getting louder (WFP Editorial July 19-2021).pdf

Teachers speak out against 'white washing' history (WFP July 18-2021).pdf

When trustees disappear, who will notice (WFP July 19-2021).pdf

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