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Gypsumville School Makes Deer Sausage

December 23, 2021

P1570082.JPGOn December 18, Area 2 Math Coach, Craig Park and Gypsumville School Principal, Shawn Oswald, showed Gypsumville School students how to process a dressed deer and then eventually make deer sausage.  Students were shown how to de-bone the deer,  how to grind it up with pork and bacon and then how to follow a recipe to add appropriate spices.  With guidance, students had the opportunity cut up onions, use the meat mixer to mix all of the meat and ingredients.  Once the mixing was completed, students then helped with stuffing the sausage casings by using the sausage stuffer. 

Mr. Park incorporated many math connections throughout the entire process with the grade 6-8 students.  He had the students estimate the field dressed weight of the animal, as well as estimate how many pounds of meat would be on each quarter of the deer.  After the sausage was made, students reviewed their estimates on the field dress weight compared to the actual weight of the deer carcass. This included using mode, mean, median and range. Students reviewed the weight of the deer for grinding compared to the field dress weight as a percentage conversion. Students also determined the ratio of meat to fat content when analyzing the recipe as well as the amount of ingredients required.

All students and staff were able to take home enough sausage for a meal with their families.  A big thank you to Gypsumville Natural Resources office for donating the deer to the school, as well as to Mr. Park for making this a real-world math lesson.