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Frontier School Division

Music brings communities together – and ours are no exception. We offer two major music events to our students that enable community building and bring our students together in a way that only music can.

Frontier Fiddlers

Fiddling is an art that holds great importance and meaning in many of our Division’s communities.

That’s why we’re so proud to have reintroduced fiddling some 2,200 students throughout our 39 schools, many of who come from Metis and Aboriginal roots and whose ancestors would have used fiddling as a means of celebration.

Our Frontier Fiddlers program began in 1994 when a group of students from a two-room school in Sherridon began performing at various events in their area. We’ve since expanded the program to all our schools in an attempt to provide more musical instruction to our kids, build school and community pride and reintroduce a disappearing music form.

Today, 10 instructors travel throughout the division, putting on more than 175,000km per year.

Our fiddlers enjoy the benefits of partnerships with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, whose members travel to communities to perform for, play with and mentor our kids.

The Frontier Fiddlers have performed at the Manitoba Legislature, Government House West End Cultural Centre and local schools and don’t show any sign of slowing down any time soon!

Music Jamboree

Each year, we hold a series of three Music Jamborees rotating through each school area (with the exception of Area 2).

These grand celebrations welcome approximately 125 students and 50 chaperones and volunteers to share their love of music and community.

At each Jamboree, students receive instruction in fiddle, guitar, drum and dance from guest artists and end the session with a community performance.​​