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Frontier School Division
Adult Education

​​At Frontier, we work in partnership with our communities to provide high-quality education for adult learners to develop the skills, knowledge and attitude essential for their successful participation in society.

We offer a wide selection of courses to help participants obtain the Mature Student High School Diploma and other educational goals. Our Adult Learning Centres are located in 21 communities throughout the division:​

​Berens River
(204) 382-2264
​Grand Rapids
(204) 639-2135
​Birdtail Sioux
(204) 568-4482
(204) 659-4156
​Black River
(204) 367-9701
​Leaf Rapids
(204) 473-2571
(204) 323-2203
​Lynn Lake
(204) 356-2292
(204) 524-2113
​Moose Lake
(204) 678-2278
(204) 675-2708
​Norway House
(204) 359-6296
(204) 357-2225
(204) 628-3349
​Cranberry Portage
(204) 472-3431
​South Indian Lake
(204) 374-2136
​Crane River
(204) 732-2750
(204) 363-7940
​Duck Bay
(204) 524-2772
(204) 628-3520
(204) 652-6929​

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is the registration proces​s?
The first step is to contact the Adult Learning Centre in your community. You will be asked to provide transcripts of your previous education, if possible. Most new students will need to write an assessment of skills in mathematics and English. This will help to place you at the appropriate grade level. This assessment will take up to two hours.

Is the diploma recognized?
Yes. You can choose to complete the 30-credit regular diploma or register for the Mature Student High School Diploma. The Manitoba Department of Education recognizes both diplomas.
Why do adults pursue their high school diploma?
  • To be a role model for their children
  • Personal satisfaction
  • To increase employment opportunities
  • To prepare for additional training programs, college or university
  • For general upgrading or academic development
​What is the method of instruction?
  • Individualized learning at your own pace
  • Instructor guidance and assistance whenever needed​
What do the courses cost?
There is no cost to take courses at Frontier Adult Learning Centres. Paper, pens, binders calculators and other school supplies are provided.
How do I get my transcript from past schooling?
Contact the school where you last earned credits or get your transcript from Manitoba Education. Manitoba Education charges a small fee for this service.
What courses do I need in order to graduate with a Mature Student High School Diploma?
  • ​Math and English at the Grade 12 (40S) level (compulsory)
  • Two other Grade 12 (40) level courses (three if planning to attend university)
  • Four additional credits at the Grade 9, 10 or 11 level
For further information about Adult Education, please contact:

Brent Johnson
Director, Adult Education