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Cold Lake Happenings

June 02, 2021

Cold Lake School students have been busy in April and May receiving math awards, trying out new bikes and sports equipment made possible by an RCMP grant, making beautiful fiddle music with 12 new fiddles and connecting virtually for a painting session.

We have all the photos and details below!

virtual paint session.jpg

Students Alyssa and Kambree and art teacher Jaycln Messner show off flowers they painted during a virtual painting session with Shawna Grapentine, who gave them step-by-step instruction on technique and colour blending and mixing.


Twelve new fiddles, including the ones in the hands of Madisson (left) and Steven, were added for students from Grade 1 to 8 to take fiddle classes with instructor Cameron Baggins. When Cameron couldn't come to the school he did lessons using Microsoft Teams video. Older fiddles are being loaned to students to practice at home.

bikes 2.jpg 

A generous grant from the RCMP of almost $11,000 was used to purchase sports and activities equipment for students, including mountain bikes/helmets, lacrosse, fitness, resistance training, fishing, camping, canoeing, archery, golf, tennis, and exercise equipment. It is such a generous and amazing gift that will enhance students' physical and outdoor education programs so much!


Darryl Williams.jpg 

Darryl used one of the new bikes and helmets to gather birch bark for a Memory Box project.


Grade 8 student Steven shows off his 'Mathletics' certificate. May 5 was Math World Day, and Steven placed 326 in Canada's Hall of Fame competition. Over 9,000 schools from 127 countries took part in the Mathletics event. Cold Lake School placed 558 in the World in Grade 8 classes.