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Kally and Samantha make us proud at the Canada-Wide Science Fair

June 10, 2021

Kally Baldwin from San Antonio School and Samantha Glenday from Leaf Rapids Education Centre participated in the 2021 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) in May, going against 400 students from across Canada in the virtual competition. Both Kally and Samantha competed against FSD students to earn their spots at the CWSF.

You can have a look at ​Kally's project, titled Watch Out It's a Global Pandemic, online here, and Samantha's project, titled Is Bioplastic Our Future?, online here.

combined Canada wide science fair.jpg​​​

Kally, left, and Samantha did FSD proud at the 2021 CWSF

Congratulations to both participants for representing Frontier School Division, and to Samantha for receiving a bronze medal at CWSF—the first student from FSD to medal at the event. Join us in celebrating the amazing achievements of both Kally and Samantha!

“I had a great time participating in the Canada Wide Science Fair.  It was very educational and I learned a lot. I learned how to improve and make changes to my project. I am looking forward to next year. Thank you to Jaqueline and Arif for all their support. I also want to thank Ms. TJ for encouraging me to take part in the event." – Kally

​​​“My overall experience was great. I participated in several activities that was offered during the week. I found doing the presentation virtually quite interesting as this is a new approach for me. I was watching the award ceremony and was surprised when I heard my name called for a medal. I encourage everyone to go for it, whatever you want to achieve. I am already looking forward for next year." – Samantha