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Frontier School Division
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Physical Education Teacher Recipient of The National Award for Teaching Excellence in Health Education

February 16, 2022

Melissa Ferrar.jpgFrontier School Division is thrilled to share that Melissa Ferrar, Physical Education Teacher from Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre has been recognized nationally by PHE Canada as a recipient of The National Award for Teaching Excellence in Health Education

Melissa has worked tirelessly to refine and fine-tune her teaching methods. Students thoroughly enjoy being in her class and the relationships they have formed with her. They feel comfortable exploring their learning and making mistakes in her classroom. Melissa has been an advocate for equal opportunities for girls and women in the community. She emphasizes the importance of self-worth, body positivity and acceptance of others, no matter who someone is, where they are from or what they look like. The power of positive self-talk can be lifesaving. Students need not look further for the epitome of a healthy lifestyle. Melissa talks the talk and walks the walk each day. She exercises in and around the community, takes part in local sporting leagues and watches her students compete in hockey games while cheering them on enthusiastically! Her former students who have graduated keep coming back and are eager to keep her in the loop with what is happening in their lives. They know that they can reach out to her for help with applying to school, staying healthy, or just the right word of encouragement to inspire them to continue moving forward. Melissa is truly one of a kind and unequivocally deserving of this award. 

Congratulations Melissa!!