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PENT Graduation Celebration 2019

July 17, 2019

​On Friday, July 12th a celebration dinner was held at the Victoria Inn honouring our 2019 PENT graduates.  Congratulations are extended to Gina Albert (Jack River School), Nazia Berens (Berens River School), Craig Hardisty (Wanipigow School), Laura Kelly (Falcon Beach School), and Colleen Noel (Chan Kagha Otina Dakota Wayawa Tipi School) who were in attendance for the dinner and celebration.  Congratulations are also extended to graduates, Anthony Yellowega (Cranberry Portage Elementary) and Brandon Dibiasi (Gillam School).  In October, their hard work and commitment will culminate with Brandon University conferring upon them a Bachelor of Education (A.D.) degree.

During the evening's celebration, three Frontier students were recognized for their grade point average.  Bravos are extended to: 

β€’ Graduate with the highest GPA -  Craig Hardisty, Wanipigow School
β€’ Highest GPA after 90 credit hours - Ingrid Flett, Berens River School
β€’ Highest GPA after 42 credit hours - Hailie Wasnie, San Antonio Achool

Once again, congratulations to the graduating students and the recipients of awards. 

We wish the PENT graduates much happiness and success in their teaching positions within the Division.  

PENT 2019