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Frontier School Division
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Brigette Lacquette Presented with Frontier Achievement Award

February 14, 2020

​Frontier School Division established the Frontier Achievement Award in 1998 to recognize the honour and achievements of those who have attended school in the Division. 

This year, we were happy to present the Frontier Achievement Award to Brigette Lacquette, Olympian and member of Canada's National Women's Hockey team! 

A graduate of Rorketon School, Brigette recently returned to Frontier to present for students​ from Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre and Jack River School in Norway house. 

Brigette started skating at the age of four, playing hockey at the nearest indoor rink to her home. Attending school, she continued to pursue hockey, spending countless hours representing Waterhen School while working just as hard to achieve academic success. 

Striving to succeed in all her pursuits, Brigette was seen as a role model and mentor due to her skill level even at a young age. She included all players during practices, games and classes, wanting her fellow students to achieve success. 

Brigitte Lacquette Hockey.jpg

Today, Brigette is the first First Nations hockey player to be called to Canada's National Women's Hockey team. She recognizes that she is a role model for young First Nations athletes, a job she's happy to accept. 

Brigette continues to be a role model for her home community and all our students in Frontier. We are proud to have her a member of the Frontier Family, celebrating her achievements and the inspiration she provides to all of our students. 

Brigette was unable to attend the ceremony at the 2020 School Committee Conference to accept the Frontier Achievement Award due to her Olympic commitments. Her aunt, Joanne Catcheway was present to receive the award on her behalf. ​