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Curtis Nepinak Recognized with 2019 Manitoba Aboriginal Coaching Award

March 26, 2020

Curtis Nepinak has been recognized by the Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Council with the male Aboriginal Coaching Award​ for 2019! 

Curtis is the Principal of Skownan School in FSD, and his contributions extend far beyond the classroom walls. 

As a coach, Curtis makes it his responsibility for students to not only succeed on the court or ice, but in life as well. He teaches student athletes to be leaders, to be organized, and the importance of time management. 

Mr. Nepinak has been an everyday role model for both his students and colleagues, going beyond his duties as coach, buying his team food, finding hand-me-down equipment for students in need, and showing up to every practice, game and team bonding activity. 

Congratulations on this well deserved recognition, Curtis! There are so many members of the Frontier Family who you positively impact on a daily basis.   

The Manitoba Aboriginal Sports & Recreation Council recognizes Aboriginal coaches for their commitment and development of Aboriginal athletes. To learn more, visit masr​​

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