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Thanksgiving at Stevenson Island School

October 15, 2020

​Stevenson Island School has a special Thanksgiving tradition. Every year students harvest vegetables grown in the school garden, which staff then use to prepare a feast for all of the school families, while students make place settings and centrepieces. Due to COVID-19, the school wasn’t able to host their usual Thanksgiving feast, but that didn’t stop Mrs. Leanne Chornoby and Mrs. Goldie Hennebury from doing something very special! 

Together they cooked turkey, pickerel, caribou, potatoes, carrots, corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce and homemade bread rolls - talk about a spread! 

The students were still able to contribute as well, making personalized placemats and stained glass candle centrepieces during art classes. 

Thanksgiving feasts were packaged and sent home for 50 families and the elders of the small community, providing dinner for everyone in each household.

This brought so much joy to all of the students at Stevenson Island School, showing them that they can work through COVID-19 and feel a little bit normal. 

Thank you to the hardworking staff at Stevenson Island School for making this happen and providing students and families with a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner! ​