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Frontier School Division
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Living the Seven Teachings

October 15, 2020

​Indigenous way of life is at the centre of all our teachings in Frontier School Division, and we're always proud to see our students exploring new educational experiences.

A recent hunting expedition gave a Black River Anishinabe School student an opportunity to live the seven sacred teachings. While on this expedition, grade 5 student Treyson and his father Blaine caught a moose together. Treyson asked if he could share the moose meat they received with local elders in the community of Black River, as a sign of respect for all they do for the community.

The decision to share the moose meat was suggested by Lakota, Treyson's older sister. Treyson decided to share the moose meat, because in his words, “You should always take care of your elders."

After cutting up the meat, Treyson visited the homes of several elders in the community and delivered care packages of fresh moose meat and organs. The elders were delighted with these gifts, demonstrating Treyson's understanding of the traditional First Nations way of life.

This is a wonderful example of the teachings of love, respect and humility on display for the entire community, and sets an excellent example for the other students. When asked how he felt about his gift, Treyson simply said, “It was the right thing to do," also noting his dad is very proud of him for choosing to share this gift.

Gichi miigwetch Treyson Johnston qikinoo'amaagowin gakina chi'anishinabe bimaadizi win.
Thank you Treyson, for teaching us all the Anishinabe ways of living.​

Seven Teachings Black River Story.png