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Frontier School Division
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Frontier Schools Receive onetab Devices

January 22, 2021


Schools continue to move back and forth from in class learning to remote learning due to COVID-19.

The impact on students learning is being closely monitored and an increasingly amount of research indicates that early learners experience
the greatest learning loss during COVID-19 disruptions.

The emerging research is very concerning when you consider that Frontier School Divisions’ six-year-old students have already experienced disruptions in their schooling in Kindergarten and again this year in Grade 1 and we anticipate that many of our students will have gaps in their learning which we do not take lightly.

Kindergarten provides a structured learning environment and establishes the
foundation of learning. The curriculum promotes language and cognitive skills and serves as a preparation for successful transition into Grade 1. 

The Grade 1 curriculum focuses on mastering fundamental literacy skills to
developing strategic independent readers, writers and mathematicians.

Many skills must be mastered in Grade 1 in order for student to keep pace with the increasing demands of the curriculum in the following grades.

Frontier School Division is well aware that COVID-19 disruptions
 throughout the Division are having a negative impact on students ability to learn at the earliest stages of reading, writing and numeracy, and is particularly hard on Grade 1 students.

The Division was looking for promising, actionable and proven strategies to address the learning needs of our Grade 1 learners and saw promise in onetab tablets​.


Also important for Frontier is the onetab (mini tablets) do not require internet or wifi and come preloaded with math and literacy activities that adapt for each child and are designed to be fun and engaging.

Many children in remote communities don’t have access to technology or reliable internet, so the device solves this problem. 

Timothy Millican and his mother, Susan Millican, purchased 450 onetabs​ and gifted them to the Frontier School Division. 

The gift was gladly accepted​ by Chief Superintendent Klassen knowing that the devices had already been proven to be effective for students from Kindergarten to Grade 3. This research has been published in several education journals, and in an independent study in Manitoba conducted
by University of Winnipeg Prof. Linda DeRiviere at David Livingstone School in Winnipeg in 2018.

In terms of the roll out Chief Superintendent Klassen stated that the devices will be delivered to the
Division's five area offices and then distributed to Grade 1 teachers who will put them in the hands of their Grade 1 students so that their numeracy and literacy skills can continue to grow.​