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Frontier School Divisions 2021 Virtual Juried Art Show

March 08, 2021

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Click on these two links to visit the virtual art exhibition:

Juried Art Show Exhibition 1 of 2 - Visual Art (Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Pottery & Sculpture, Crafts)

Juried Art Show Exhibition 2 of 2 - Digital Photography & Enhanced Digital Photography

Welcome to the 2021 Frontier School Division Virtual Juried Art Show!

This virtual gallery will be on display from March 8th to June 30, 2021 for viewing for the general public! Please follow the two links in this section and it will take you to the exhibition. There are two exhibitions one is The Visual Art Exhibition (drawing, painting, mixed media, pottery & sculpture, crafts) and the other is The Photography Exhibition. Please check out both exhibitions as they are both part of the Juried Art Show.

We are so excited for our first Virtual Juried Art Show. We received 170 submissions from 87 artists from 15 different schools through out the Frontier School Division.

Frontier School Division is proud to provide rich opportunities to our students in all areas including the Fine Arts, through in-house instruction, online instruction, internal and external visiting artists, equipment/supplies, contests, and exhibitions.

Voting for People's Choice will begin March 8th and run to March 26th. People's Choice is voted by the Frontier School Committee Members only. Winner of “People's Choice Award" will receive a ribbon and a cash prize of $150.00. A winner will be announced on April 6th following Spring Break.

The art will be adjudicated by 4 judges: Visual Artists Shawna Grapentine & Doug Melnyk , Pat Lazo from Graffiti Art Gallery and Photographer Hans Arnold. Every submission will receive comments by the adjudicators, along with ribbons and cash prizes for the winners, (1st $100, 2nd $75 and 3rd $50) per category and per age group, (Grade 7-8, Grade 9-10, Grade 11-12),

Click on one of 2 links on the Frontier School Division website on or after Mar 8 you will be sent to The Kunstmatrix website and the beginning of our exhibition..

When you arrive at the website click Enter the Exhibition (if an instruction menu pops up close it by hitting the X on the instruction menu) and then click on the words on the wall on the right. Continue by clicking the next button located on the bottom right side of the screen.

If picture is blurry give it a minutes to load. You can zoom in on the picture by using the wheel on your mouse. On the upper right side you will see the artists name and art #.When you stop on the pictures click the “i" to provide detailed information (located on the right side by the name of the artist) to see details about the art, the artist (grade/school/community), and the price if for sale, click the X on that screen to continue (if you wish to purchase the art click the  little envelop on the bottom right saying you would like to purchase this item with your name, phone number) then continue by using the next button to move forward or the previous button to move back located on the bottom right side

When your done the exhibition it will send you back to the front of the exhibit where you started. Hit the X in the very top right order to exit out of the site. Then go back to the Frontier Website and click on the other exhibition and follow the same steps. Remember there are two exhibitions for the 2021 Frontier Juried Art Show, Visual Arts and Photography. Please visit both as both exhibits have fabulous art from our students.

The curators for this art show have been Hans Arnold and Shannon McIsaac.

Please enjoy our students fabulous work! â€‹

​​Click on these two links to visit the virtual art exhibition:​

Juried Art Show Exhibition 1 of 2 - Visual Art (Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Pottery & Sculpture, Crafts)

Juried Art Show Exhibition 2 of 2 - Digital Photography & Enhanced Digital Photography​