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Forest to Furniture at Helen Betty Osborne

April 01, 2021

Students at Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre in Norway House are getting out on the land to learn and harvest as part of teacher John Kalmbach's Construction Technology class.

“It ties in with sustainability and resources and where your material comes from," said Kalmbach.

“We're kind of experimenting. It's a new adventure."

Forest to Furniture0.jpg

Elder Charles Ettawacappo (left) sharing knowledge on the land with John Kalmbach's students.

Kalmbach is running a new Forest to Furniture program that includes field trips to harvest resources for construction projects and artwork. Last September, Kalmbach ran four trips with students and Elder Charles Ettawacappo. They brought back birch each time—about 10 2-inch round trunks—and students made things like tables and artwork like Christmas ornaments.

Forest to Furniture1.jpg

Student Michael works to prepare birch for a beautiful table he created (next photo).

Forest to Furniture2.jpg

The process of being on the land with an Elder is a way of learning that transcends books, Kalmbach says. Elder Ettawacappo shared information with students about the birch tree, it's value to the community and how to harvest in environmentally friendly ways.

Forest to Furniture5.jpg

Making wood come alive.

“Charlie was also explaining about Chaga mushroom, which grows mainly on birch trees and it's boiled to make tea for your stomach. I didn't know that, so I'm learning as well," says Kalmbach.

Forest to Furniture7.jpg

Social distancing on the land.

“The students respond to being outside. It gives a new dimension to the classroom. It's a learning without the classroom borders."

Forest to Furniture4.jpg

Tree art for the tree.

Forest to Furniture8.jpg

Birch shavings from the construction process make perfect roses for a wall hanging.​​