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Frontier School Division
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Learning goes on at Frontier Mosakahiken School

April 07, 2021

​Frontier Mosakahiken School in Moose Lake has been breaking new ground and finding new ways for students to learn as they face these challenging times together.

Staff have received “blended learning" education training to help them continue delivering effective learning opportunities to their students—no matter where they are!

Check out these great photos of vibrant, ongoing learning happening at Frontier Mosakahiken School:
FMS Mr Krahn.jpeg
Mr. Khan uses Facebook Live to deliver lessons in food safety in his Intro to Culinary class.

FMS culinary.jpeg
In “Virtual Culinary Arts," Robert shows off his meatloaf before it goes in the oven, and Sylvia plates some delicious stuffed mushrooms.

FMS posters.jpeg
Jason and Jenna, both from Moose Lake, show off their posters thanking frontline workers they created as part of a contest during blended learning times.

FMS One Tab.jpeg
Ms. Gamblin's Grade 1 students learning with OneTab learning devices gifted by Timothy and Susan Millican. OneTabs come with programs are already installed into the device that reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.

FMS Kingsley.jpeg
Kingsley keeps up with classroom activities with help from a friend in her home “classroom."

FMS Miss Jenn Hall.jpeg
Ms. Hall has been making good use of Facebook Live to deliver music lessons to students.

FMS Taste.jpeg
Ms. Gamblin leads students through a blindfolded exploration of the sense of taste. Celery was the least popular item (though Leslee loved it) while salt & vinegar chips won the day.

FMS homework.jpeg
Much-beloved homework packages ready for delivery!

FMS Ty.jpeg
Ty enjoys some of the homework he had delivered!