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Image of CPE students and staff gathered around a camp fire.

Cranberry Portage Elementary Students Continue Their Land-Based Winter Camp at Twin Lakes

Students from Cranberry Portage Elementary School recently participated in the second phase of their Land-Based Winter Camp at Twin Lakes, the school’s Land-Based Mecca. Over the course of the camp, students were immersed in the traditional skills of skinning, dressing, and cooking rabbits, an invaluable lesson in self-sufficiency and respect for the Land. Students also tried their luck at ice fishing, although the fish just weren’t biting.

The camp was not just about learning survival skills, it was also a celebration of community and peer relations as students spent time around the fire sharing stories. The laughter and camaraderie over the two days is a testament to role of the Land in creating a space for relationship building.

While the students had eagerly anticipated spending the night in prospector tents, embracing the full winter camping experience, Mother Nature had other plans. With temperatures dropping significantly, the decision was made to prioritize safety, demonstrating the importance of adaptability and respect for the elements. This experience has not only equipped students with practical skills but has also instilled in them a profound appreciation for the Land. It is experiences like these that prepare our students not just academically, but holistically, nurturing responsible, aware, and capable individuals.

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