Program for the Education of Native Teachers (P.E.N.T.)

In partnership with Brandon University, Frontier School Division offers a community-based teacher training program. P.E.N.T. aims to hire and train local residents of Frontier communities to become certified teachers.

Students combine paraprofessional work in their community schools from September through March with courses at Brandon University from April through July. P.E.N.T. students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education Integrated degree in either early or middle years. The degree requirement may be finished in six consecutive spring and summer sessions.

The extensive internship is a significant aspect of the program. Before receiving their teacher certification, graduating students will spend approximately 40 months in their local schools putting theory to practice.

For student expectations, qualifications, responsibilities, and performance requirements, please refer to the Division’s P.E.N.T. Policy.

For further information about P.E.N.T., please contact:

Debra Perih
Home Placement/P.E.N.T. Coordinator​