The three focus areas as outlined in our Board's Strategic Plan are top priorities in our division as our students continue to learn and grow.


Every student will obtain the literacy and numeracy skills necessary to achieve success in their education.

Indigenous Way of Life

Indigenous perspectives, language and way of life in our schools and in our curriculum will advance our path towards reconciliation.


Every school will provide a caring, healthy, safe and inclusive learning and working environment for students, staff and community.

The Frontier School Board of Trustees is responsible for providing overall direction for the Division by establishing the mission, vision, beliefs, and goals. It also approves a strategic plan for the Division. 

The strategic plan sets the course for the Division for the next several years, and through this plan the Board is: 

  • Defining a clear mission that will make a difference for students, parents, staff and communities,
  • Developing strategies to focus on identified goals,
  • Mandating specific directions, 
  • Being accountable for measurable indicators of success by monitoring results on Division approved outcomes,
  • Reporting these results to students, parents, communities and other partners,
  • Supporting the Division’s strategic plan with adequate staff and resources, and,
  • Developing community partnerships.

These goals are broad and cross curricular, and program boundaries often extend into the home and community.

While the Board is setting direction for the next several years, it also recognizes that the strategic plan is a living document and must be responsive to factors that may change in our educational, political and financial environment.

A copy of the refined focus areas for 2023-24 is available for download in the next section.

If there are any questions about this strategic plan, please contact the Chairperson or any trustee. The Frontier School Board of Trustees welcomes and appreciates your questions and input.