About Us

Since 1965, Frontier School Division has been continually building on our Excellence and Experience in Education.

As the largest geographical school division in Manitoba, spanning 75% of the province’s land mass, we are fortunate to be part of a large number of communities – some of which are often only accessible by boat, air, rail or winter ice road. This allows us to provide rich opportunities to our  students, including a wide variety of outdoor educational activities, travel to new and sometimes remote parts of the province, and participation in school events such as Frontier Games.

We are committed to building and maintaining relationships across the diverse communities that comprise Frontier as they play an important role in the strength of our division. Reflecting this diversity in cultural activities and programs enhances the knowledge of our students and their awareness of their own and other cultures. We are fortunate to be able to blend traditional and innovative learning to reflect the needs and aspirations of each area.

Our focus has been, and always will be, our children, our success and our future.

For a deeper look into who we are, read about our history, mission, vision and values, our future, or take a look at Frontier by the numbers.