Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, Values


Our C​​hildren

The Division’s efforts are for every child. We use the broadest definition of the word children.

Our S​​uccess

This describes our Division operating at its peak. When we harness the collective energy of every component of our system, we achieve our success.

Our​​ Future

This is the focus of our planning. This is what lies ahead. This is what inspires us. If we are thoughtful and thorough enough with the first two components of the mission statement, then we can realize together a successful future for our children.

Our V​​ision…Our Beliefs

  • Students are healthy and successful.

  • Parents provide support, guidance, and direction.

  • Families build a strong foundation for students.

  • Staff are participating members of the community.

  • High standards of teaching result in academic excellence.

  • Appropriate educational programming is provided for all students.

  • School programs reflect the needs and aspirations of the community.

  • Language and culture celebrated in the community and school builds identity.

  • Schools are safe places where individuals are respected, cared for, and valued.


Our Division is an innovative and dynamic leader in education. These are 10 strong and positive statements about students, parents and families, staff and programs, safe schools, and our Division as a leader. They add clarity to our purpose, focus, approach, and identity. They support the phrase – Our Children, Our Success, Our Future – and further define our mission. The statements encompass what the Board believes must be the guiding principles, goals, or universal values that will help us all move in the direction of our mission. They are our “North Star”. These statements must be revisited often and can be the lens through which we view all that we do. When we look at all that we are and all that we do, then we can truly believe that our mission is Our Children, Our Success, Our Future.