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Purchase Order Guidelines

Authorized Purchases

In accordance with the Division's centralized purchasing policy, the Purchasing Department has the general responsibility for the purchase of all material, supplies, equipment and services.

A Purchase Order is required for all purchases, unless making a purchase using a Corporate Card (an actual Credit Card), or a Purchase Voucher (a physical numbered document valid for purchases to a maximum of $200.00 per document; the vouchers may NOT be combined to exceed $200.00).

Purchases made by the Facilities/Maintenance Departments for emergency repair parts or materials necessary for continuing work in progress also require Purchase Order numbers.

Orders accepted by vendors without the issuance of a Purchase Order by the Purchasing staff will be considered the responsibility of the vendor and will not be considered an obligation to the Division.​

​For more information, contact:

Jennifer Karos
Purchasing Manager​

Tender Postings

Bid Opportunities

All prospective Bidders are advised to regularly visit the Division's website to view any amendment made to the Bidding Documents.

The clarifications and amendments will be binding on the Bidders.

The Division will assume neither responsibility nor liability for the Bidder's non-familiarity with any amendment issued pursuant to any provision herein. Bidders may not electronically alter any portion of a downloaded document; to do so will render the bidder's submission as rejected.

The Metro Winnipeg School Division Purchasing Committee has undertaken joint tenders on behalf of all or some Manitoba school divisions and intends to pursue this practice on an ongoing basis. It shall be recognized that Frontier School Division will participate in certain tenders and will assign authority to award tenders to the Metro Winnipeg School Division Purchasing Committee, having representation from Frontier School Division.

Frontier School Division, as part of the MASH Sector (Municipal, Academic, School Boards, and Hospitals), respects the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) and the New West Partnership and Trade Agreement (NWPTA).

Frontier School Division is an active member in the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative (CCPI): https://www.gov.mb.ca/finance/psb/buysell/ccpi.html

The CCPI 3 year plan is found at: https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/app-acq/app-collaborat-procur/plan-eng.html 

Tenders calls for goods, services or construction exceeding ​the respective thresholds are posted electronically on MERX and to the Frontier School Division website.​​​​

Current Bid Opportunities