Our History

​When Frontier School Division was formed in 1965, it was a large, unique and complex school division. Today, it may be described the same way. Our vast geographycommunity-based and three-tiered governance systemdiverse communities and people, unique partnerships with First Nat​ions and other groups​ and complex financial system set us apart.​

These unique characteristics have defined the Division since its formation in 1965. Although they have provided many challenges, the response to these challenges has shaped our division into the innovative and dynamic education leader it is today. Our students continue to benefit from the characteristics that make up Frontier School Division.

Our governance system operates at a grassroots level. We respect and value the voices of parents, community members and local leaders and provide the opportunity for open discussion through local and area committees.

Our community partnerships involve First Nation communities and organizations such as Manitoba Hydro. Elected Chiefs and Councils, organizational leaders, and the Division work together as partners in the education of our students. We also continue to work positively and proactively with the provincial and federal governments on behalf of our students.