Frontier School Division’s Home Placement Program is an option for students living on provincial lands, in communities where a high school or technical vocational program is unavailable. Treaty and non-treaty students living on reserve must access the local education authority’s Private Home Placement Program (PHP). 

A student’s age, recent school history, and previous home placement record are considered in determining a student’s eligibility for sponsorship. The two categories of admission to the program are:

  • Regular Placement: Grade 9 to 12 students whose grade levels are unavailable in their local community or who do not have daily transportation to a nearby high school.
  • Special Placement:  Students who wish to take a technical vocational program not offered in their local high school. Students must take 8-14 credits in this specialized field.

Students must apply for this program and qualify according to the Home Placement Policy and Regulations. Application forms are available at local schools and the Winnipeg Division office.

  • Regular placement: May 15
  • Special placement: April 15

Students who qualify for home placement board with relatives or friends while they attend a public high school outside their home community. The Division covers costs including tuition fees, transportation, and board and room.

For further information about the Home Placement Program, please contact:

Debra Perih
Home Placement/P.E.N.T. Coordinator​