​Frontier School Division's Work Education Program provides support to schools, teachers and students by coordinating program development and work experience opportunities for students. These experiences are designed to assist students in making future career choices. 

Students complete four and a half days of Work Experience in a career area of their choice.

  • Students in Winnipeg also learn to use the Transit bus systems
  • Students enjoy recreational activities each night.
  • Our staff visit the students at their worksites throughout the Work Experience session.

Our students gain:

  • Insight into a specific career
  • New work and life skills
  • A better understanding of responsibility, time management, and decision making

Our partners gain:

  • An opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with others
  • A chance to promote their field of work to our students as they prepare to make career choices

The Division has over 350 partnerships with employers throughout the province. Each year we add new partners to our program in order to offer students a wide variety of opportunities.

  • We provide transportation, accommodations, and Worker's Compensation for our students.
  • Our partners provide exposure to a career area, a safe work environment, and a chance for our students to learn new skills.
  • Students are evaluated by our partners and staff and earn a high school credit.

Our school division covers over ¾ of the province, and includes 38 communities. Our students come from rural or remote areas, and travel long distances to attend. Work Experience sessions as a part of their Career Studies course. Students have the opportunity to participate in our program from Grade 9-12.

For many students this is their first experience in the workforce, and our program helps them to form their ideas and attitudes about work, as well as explore careers that they may be considering for the future.